Introduction to Manufacturing Technology
24 hours
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How do you make something?

Such a simple yet complex question. This new course will help students find the answer be it a single part or large quantity assembly line. The intent of this class is to act as an introduction the majority of all the courses developed and taught by Damian Cianci and his team in the Applied Science and Manufacturing division. Thereís a story of design and manufacturing to be told in the classes here and this is the table of contents.

Most ideas start rough but eventually make their way into a CAD program. We use CATIA, Solidworks and Alibre to name a few. CATIA is used throughout aerospace, automotive and marine.

After developing your design in a CAD system your next option might be to send it to the machine shop to be milled out. As a detour along the way though, you might want to be sure your design functions and fits properly before you waste time and money at the CNC area and this is where 3D printing is particularly helpful. 3D printing is cheaper and usually faster than other options so it allows you to make many modifications quickly which can great reduce your productís time to market. These tools and processes tie in perfectly with the intent of efficient Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

After the part is past the design phase it moves onto manufacturing. This may be a composite part, molded, or simply cut out of some material. Usually either way, this ends up at the CNC machine center. Of course if we just need a bracket cut out of aluminum the CNC is the way to go but even if you plan on a composite part or plastic mold the CNC is likely to be involved in the mold making process. Other times you may just be able to take a mold of an existing part. We teach both of these methods.

From the CNC center the part could go to sanding and polishing, mold making and finally shipping.

Class topics include:

CNC Milling
CAM software
CAD software
3D Printing
3D Scanning
2 Part Polymer mold making
Composite manufacturing

This is an entry level course. A familiarity with computers and machine shop environment is recommended.