Introduction to Radio Controlled Robotics
* Webcam and microphone are needed

A beginner course in the remote equipment operation
Entry Level - No Prerequisite
* You will need soldering equipment

Online Course Information

A few days prior to the course you will receive an email invite to the video class meetings. Typically this is Webex. We'd also recommend using the webex client install rather than the just the webpage video. Other items such as the class website and materials pick will also be discussed after class start. No materials are required for the first class sessions. All you need to do is log into the video meeting.

Course Overview

This is a beginner course on radio control and specifically the operation of devices through RF signaling. This course was created for those looking to get into the UAV courses and similar but feel hesitant due to the deeper technological topics.

In this course we'll focus on the basic RF (radio frequency) understanding and the control of simple mechanisms. Our build for this class is and ground vehicle (RC car) but we'll also be adding video transmission capabilities as well and likely changing out some mechanical components. Just like the UAV course this will give us two different radio systems (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz) to work with and ultimately allow us to see where we're navigating in goggles as we drive. The control transmitter and video transmission units are the same make and model used in the UAV courses so we'll have good crossover training and the control receiver is only slightly different yet allowing us to do more traditional tasks such as servo control. All of this will be done without any advanced flight control system or higher end software so there won't have to be any concern about learning any of these items in order to operate.


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Class Dates and Times:

Intro to Radio Controlled Robotics
Class Number 32439
Oct 19 - Nov 30
6:15pm - 7:15pm
Instructor: Damian Cianci

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