Remote Aerial Service Platform
* Webcam and microphone are needed

Level 2 Curriculum
Prerequisite is prior UAV Systems course or similar knowledege

NOTE - Since it is required to take the prior courses, this course does NOT include a transmitter, goggles nor any tools. It is expected that you will have these before joining the class. Having taken previous classes you should not have to purchase anything to complete the course.

Course Overview:

A strong topic of all our UAV courses has been that if you understand all the elements of the UAV system then you can build a vehicle suited for any purpose. This course expands on that concept by creating a larger scale remote operated vehicle that can be fitted with various elements in order to achieve a desired task.

Currently we're building our own frames. This is a combination of carbon tubing, waterjet cut aluminum plates and 3d printed parts. The electronics are similar to what was used in the previous course but with a bit more current carrying ability along with the addition of GPS, Magnetometer and Barometer. The firmware will initially be Betaflight as this is what everyone is familiar with, and then after flight testing we'll move on to INAV. The INAV firmware has more features based on position control and navigation features which is better suited for film and ground scanning.

This course will demand a fair amount of design creativity along with a fair understanding of the previous topics. As an example, many of the parts will need to be printed. We do have STL files needed, but if you have CAD skills then you can design whatever you think would work best. You can place components anywhere you like and add other devices and features to meet your need. You can build the vehicle just about any way you like which is a big point of the course. Taking your understanding of the total system including it's limitations and creating purpose built drones.


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Class Dates and Times:

Remote Aerial Service Platform
Class Number 9632
July 13 - August 26
6:15pm - 7:15pm
14 Sessions
Instructor: Damian

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