CNC Laser Design

Entry Level - No prerequisite training required
This is an introductory automation course * Webcam and microphone are needed

** Information about kit pickup **

We will pick up kits after the course begins and there will be no early pickups. For this course this will be after the second week of class at least.

Course Overview

This is one of a couple introductory CNC/Automation course we offer. The principles of motion control are fairly common throughout all computer controlled machinery yet there are some specifics that come into play when you get to a particular type of system such as laser, milling, waterjet, plasma and similar. In this course we will cover all the major elements needed for computer control machine motion but also the use and concerns surrounding laser cutting and engraving. This means a fair amount of software training and small lab projects.

The unit we'll be building is a small hobby laser engraver.This is a small device that does work pretty good but understand it is "hobby class" and not a professional machine by any means. We use it in class strickly as a way to be able to discuss and test the various principles surrounging the field. It will probably take you less than 30 minutes to build.

Another core topic of the course is the design of your own custom machine. This is "on paper" only and we do not build another larger machine in class. We talk about the various elements needed and have class exercise were we research the parts needed, where to buy them, and how much they cost. We'll focus on the C02 laser system but the concepts could be used to build any type or even just scale up the class machine.

A common topic throughout all our Advanced Aerospace courses is the integration of disparate engineering disciplines and learning what you can do with a limited budget but strong technological understanding. There are more and more functional yet cheaply made tech products in the marketplace, yet with the right training and creative mind, often many of these products can be developed into quite viable pieces of equipment. This of course can have a substantial cost savings over going with a professional vendor and the benefit of having the product technicians in house.


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Class Dates and Times:

CNC Laser Design
Class Number 10798
August 10 - October 13
3:45pm - 4:45pm
Instructor: Jansen HIllis

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