CATIA 3DX Solid Modeling
* Webcam and microphone are needed

No prerequisites - This course is designed for the student with little or no experience in CATIA or Computer Aided Design (CAD) but having a good understanding of computer usage would be very helpful.
Entry Level - No Prerequisite

Online Course Information

A few days prior to the course you will receive an email invite to the video class meetings. Typically this is Webex. We'd also recommend using the webex client install rather than the just the webpage video. Other items such as the class website and materials pick will also be discussed after class start. No materials are required for the first class sessions. All you need to do is log into the video meeting.

Course Overview

This course will help students become comfortable with one of the industry's largest CAD package, CATIA Part Design, using the latest software from Dassault Systems, 3DExperience. The 3DExperience platform is a new way to work within the total manufacturing environment or Product Lifecycle Management as you might hear. The idea is that all of your processes are contained in one immense system spanning fabrication to financial. CATIA and all its workbenches (Part Design, Generative Shape Design, etc.) are all just a piece of this enterprise system. For those of you coming from CATIA V5, it might be helpful to know that while the interface has changed, the look and operation of the actual functions are still mostly the same which makes for a fairly easy learning curve. It may take some time before 3DX is taken up by all teams in aerospace, but migration is happening and as with all software, maintaining relevant skills is an inevitability.

Being a beginner course we will spend most of our time going through the various icons and their function. Students will work along with the instructor to build models demonstrating these elements.


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Class Dates and Times:

CATIA 3DX Part Design
Class Number 10866
August 16 - Oct 13
5pm - 6PM
Instructor: Damian Cianci

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